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April 17 2015

June 06 2012

Yahoo! Meme

December 01 2009

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talk to you soon. bye...

November 16 2009


July 28 2009

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Friendly Fires - In The Hospital (@ Manning Bar 28.07.09)

July 24 2009


What counts more than design in attracting an online news audience?

It’s not about how sexy-looking your site is. It’s not about having the absolute latest display technology. It’s about how you engage readers with conversations and with ways of interacting with news staffers and with each other. It’s about projecting personality — showing that behind the stories, the columns, the blogs, there are real people living in your town, sharing your concerns and your joys.

April 13 2009

Globo (http://www.globo.com) at Web Trend Map 4

March 09 2009


Global Faces and Networked Places

A Nielsen report on Social Networking’s New Global Footprint

March 02 2009


Microsoft’s Vision for 2019

March 01 2009


The Web Will Kill Us All, Unless We Take a Walk in the Park

Will Facebook give us cancer? Not if we browse it on an iPhone in the park! Such is the pseudoscience of health and the internet.

February 22 2009

February 19 2009


February 18 2009


How the Web changed my content consumption

For the past few weeks, I've kept a log of all the activities I've engaged in to see how the Web is impacting my life--at least when it comes to my consumption of media.

February 15 2009

February 08 2009


February 02 2009


January 25 2009

January 22 2009


Technology is Great, but Are We Forgetting to Live?

Imagine you're at a concert where your favorite band is playing for the last time. Or you're watching President Obama get sworn into office. Or maybe you're just sitting around with your family under the Christmas tree watching your children open gifts. What are you doing in all those scenarios? If you're like most people today, you're probably recording it with some sort of technological gadgetry, be it a smartphone, digital camera, or camcorder. You might also be sharing the moment with others across the web via Twitter, Facebook, or FriendFeed.
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